Hello there My name is David.
People call me Ed,
unless I've upset them.

I am a multi-disciplinarian who works with (often fusing) product, creative tech, visual design, team-building, interactive simulation and wildlife research. I also hit drums when time allows… which it rarely does.

My (mis)adventures in these worlds have taken me across thirty-seven countries including the breadth of Siberia, to the wrong end of a Ukranian Military gun barrel, into the great white shark capital of the world and perhaps most dangerously of all – the UK Higher Education system. Navigating the world of Virtual Production has also been fun, where ‘fun’ is the vocationally correct term for ‘punishing’.

This page is at once a central hub for these endeavours and a resume for those interested in learning about my professional background. Discipline-specific showcases are listed under ‘Portfolios’ but if you would like to view a curated portfolio, please do get in touch.

Thanks for visiting.


  • The Shark Dev background image

    The Shark Dev Shark research meets game dev

    I research great white sharks and build games/interactive visualisations based on their behaviours, which was also the basis for my Masters.

    Visit if you like: sharks, game design, sharks AND game design.

    Visit The Shark Dev

  • Creative Resolve background image

    Creative Resolve Multimedia design solutions

    My creative business, through which I have provided small businesses and NGOs with a range of design and illustration services, on a freelance basis since 2009.

    Visit if you like: website design and development, multimedia design.

    Visit Creative Resolve

  • DGEdwards background image

    DGEdwards Personal online journal

    My personal blog through which I share stories from some of my adventures with great white sharks, international music tours and varied creative projects.

    Visit if you like: ramblings from a hobbit-like creature who won't just stick to one thing.

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  • Vicon Motion Systems

    VFX Product Manager Vicon Motion Systems Oxford, UK

    2021 to Present

    Vicon has been the world’s number one choice to capture motion for over 35 years, offering tailored ecosystems across all applications. I am responsible for the long term strategy, feature-set and delivery framework for products dedicated to the VFX market, empowering customers operating in games, movies and Virtual Production.

    • Oversee the vision and product roadmap for VFX, comprising Games, film and VProd customers.
    • Work closely with Director of Program Management to introduce, develop and maintain new frameworks.
    • Oversee numerous HW and SW products in parallel, adopting agile or waterfall methods according to need.
    • Employ varied methods to guide development, including: SWOT, Double Diamond, Journey Mapping and 5W1h.
    • Introduced UI/UX processes to the company, leading design sessions before hiring our dedicated UX Manager.
  • Creative Resolve

    Director Creative Resolve Staffordshire, UK

    2007 to Present

    Creative Resolve is a micro-agency dedicated to bringing big results to small organisations through bespoke multimedia design solutions. The business was born from my ambition to ’be my own boss’ and taught me that when you’re a freelancer – everyone is your boss. In the years since, I have had the pleasure of delivering web, illustration and other media to small businesses and NGOs across the globe.

    • Oversee all business operations: marketing, bookkeeping, project execution.
    • Manage global customer base, all correspondence and communications.
    • Create bespoke websites, illustrations, characters, logos and other creative media.
    • Maintain agile pricing structure that accommodates cultural economical considerations.
  • Staffordshire University

    Technical Specialist for Visualisation and Simulation Staffordshire University Staffordshire, UK

    2018 to 2021

    My role at Staffordshire University became further specialised following significant investment into its digitisation  facilities. My responsibilities included the development of learning materials and undertaking teaching, commercial and research projects related to laser scanning, structured light scanning, LIDAR, 3D photogrammetry and motion capture.

    • Supported a range of student, research and commercial projects requiring heavy use of real-time visualisation.
    • Created and delivered classes (MoCap, Digitisation, Asset Production) to groups upwards of thirty students.
    • Oversaw design and delivery of new facilities dedicated to digitisation processes for games and VFX
    • Performed games and film industry research to inform future teaching practices and resource requirements.
  • Staffordshire University

    Technical Specialist for Games and VFX Staffordshire University Staffordshire, UK

    2016 to 2018

    Staffordshire University hosts some of the largest games art, design and programming courses in Europe. I helped students destined for greatness in digital entertainment industries through: technical instruction, developing specialist equipment, providing assistance and on the odd occasion, being a soft, stern voice, advising that yes – they really should back things up.

    • Oversaw £150,000 renovation of motion capture stage, facilitating increased student and commercial projects.
    • Established motion capture pipelines based on industry feedback - witness cameras, camera tracking, post.
    • Built learning materials for cinematic design in UE including sequencer, Blueprint, lighting and cinematography.
    • Launched pilot projects into new teaching practices for VR, Virtual Production and photogrammetry.
  • Marine Dynamics Academy

    Program Manager Marine Dynamics Academy Gansbaai, South Africa (remote)

    2017 to 2020

    I pitched an off-shoot of the volunteer programs offered at Marine Dynamics – an internship that focused on the more novel marine species in the area and offered some unique training modules. I was ultimately responsible for the oversight, development and implementation of our academic and practical skills based program. Based remotely but with regular visits to South Africa, I left the position after travel restrictions resulting from the global pandemic impacted our revenue generation.

    • Oversaw ongoing development and marketing of Academy curriculum.
    • Design, development and management of bespoke-website.
    • Implementation of direct marketing strategies.
    • Research of experimental/upcoming technologies and appropriate learning materials.
  • EDNA

    Creative Director EDNA Staffordshire, UK

    2013 to 2016

    A creative agency founded by myself and my (much) better half, growing from our work in South Africa. ‘Design for Wildlife’ was both our mantra and the core of our business plan, and we enjoyed a fantastic few years empowering international wildlife organisations with a variety of creative solutions tailored to their values and ambitions. We ultimately preferred doing this sort of work without the associated pressures of running a business and eventually downsized operations to facilitate this.

    • Established business in direct response to the lack of high quality design services dedicated to wildlife NGOs.
    • Managed all customer relations, developing an international customer base across continents.
    • Oversee all creative design work including websites, marketing campaigns and short films.
    • Built and developed a small creative team comprising artists and engineers.
  • Dyer Island Conservation Trust

    Designer and Marine Research Assistant Dyer Island Conservation Trust Gansbaai, South Africa

    2012 to 2013

    I worked with great white sharks, managed great students, built awesome websites, watched whales from my balcony and enjoyed the most colourful sunsets I’ve ever seen. Life working at sea is never predictable, easy or boring and this job was amazing . I also co-authored the world’s first scientific paper on the white shark population of Dyer Island and became one of three people to track the animals in both Gansbaai and Mossel Bay, South Africa.

    • Managed and trained international students on practical marine research topics.
    • Collected biological and behavioural data of great white sharks in the wild.
    • Assisted with boat maintenance and data logging.
    • Produced design and marketing materials for commercial partners.
  • Oceans Research

    Design and Research Manager Oceans Research Mossel Bay, South Africa

    2010 to 2012

    I developed protocols and procedures for a marine lab supporting (at times) upwards of twenty students and resident scientists from across the globe. Improved management and data collection practices, worked with National Geographic, Channel 4 and above all else – got to study great white sharks during the day and night!

    • Managed student (25+ per month) allocation across multiple practical projects.
    • Established framework for ensuring consistent student experiences.
    • Introduced new data collection and logging practices.
    • Introduced new training modules and research topics.
  • Oceans Research

    Multimedia Manager Oceans Research Mossel Bay, South Africa

    2008 to 2010

    I was fortunate enough to help establish this independent marine research company, which I moved to South Africa to support. Developing the brand, creating marketing materials, videos, game demonstrations – I was basically responsible for anything that required a remotely creative, or digitally-competent pair of hands. In return, I got to work with a variety of local organisations and course – play with great white sharks.

    • Website design and development for core business identities.
    • Established design and product plan for multi-station research internship
    • Developed internal tools for Honours, Masters and research projects
    • Provided creative services and consultation to local wildlife organisations
  • Sureshots Fancy Dress

    Website Designer Sureshots Fancy Dress Stoke-on-Trent, UK

    2007 to 2008

    My first job out of University – “We need awesome, colourful websites with a family of unique, engaging characters that our customers will grow to love and make us lots of money”. Which is exactly what I did. There are much, much worse ways to start your professional career.

    • HTML and CSS development for over 150 Actinic-driven websites
    • Bespoke and visually distinct website designs for twenty different markets.
    • Creation of unique characters used across the websites and printed marketing materials.







Other projects

  • Krupskaya background image

    Krupskaya Grindcore band

    A post apocalyptic grindcore band specialising in the fastest, bleakest, most physically assaulting music on the planet. I played drums and produce their artwork.

    Visit if you like: Mind-meltingly brutal music and commensurately bleak visuals.

    Visit Krupskaya

  • SharkStuff background image

    SharkStuff Small UK-based charity

    We are a UK-based registered Charity with a very simple goal - to use education to change public perception and science to save sharks.

    Visit if you like: research and education regarding sharks in UK waters.

    Visit SharkStuff

  • Cheddleton Flint Mill background image

    Cheddleton Flint Mill Heritage site

    Cheddleton Flint Mill is a water mill situated in the county of Staffordshire and is believed to have been used for milling since the Middle Ages.

    Visit if you like: sites of historical and cultural significance in rural England.

    Visit Cheddleton Flint Mill


Got some thoughts? Let's talk!

If you are interested in potentially working together, I encourage you to please first visit one of my portfolio sites (listed above) and contact me through the relevant contact form. This is because I tend to view and respond to these emails first and so you'll have the best chance of hearing back from me that way.

Outside of that, I will gladly make time to talk to anyone about design, sharks, travel - pretty much anything.

If that sounds like your cup of tea - please do get in touch.